About LAD

“The Role of Public Policy in Private Sector Development” workshop is an intensive, five-day, executive-level training program that will teach selected participants how to be effective reform leaders, promoting sound public policies in complex and contentious settings. The LAD Program in Ukraine will be led by CDDRL Director, Francis Fukuyama of Stanford University and Stephen D. Krasner, MA, PhD of Hoover Institution.

In the five-day intensive program participants will acquire an analytical framework necessary to promote private sector growth through public policies. Students will learn how to be successful reformers and leaders by analyzing stakeholders, sequencing actions, managing conflicts and building coalitions. In order to do so, policymakers must have a solid grasp of country-specific economic, financial, political and cultural realities.

This is a largely case-based curriculum with key lectures that provide the necessary conceptual framework. The “case method” is a technique of teaching and learning through the analysis of actual events that have occurred, allowing you to gain a realistic understanding of the roles, responsibilities and analytical skills required of decision makers, as well as the tensions that may arise between various stakeholders with different objectives. Participants are encouraged to draw from their own experiences to enrich classroom discussions and stimulate debate.