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MPA Program Launched

The Ukrainian Catholic University opened a new page in the history of Ukrainian public administration education by launching an MPA program in the School of Public Management.

Module 1 that took place during September 16-19 was based on a case study of the challenges facing the Lviv Regional State Administration and its leader. Thus, the module began with animated discussions with deputy governors and senior executives in the regional government.


Rostyslav Zamlynskyy, First Deputy Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration, talked to future public servants about the importance of mission. “Being a public servant at whatever level is a great responsibility as there are individual human fates behind each document and signature,” he stressed.

The solemn opening ceremony of the MPA Program was attended by the management of the Ukrainian Catholic University, representatives of the regional and local authorities, and members of the expert group charged with strategic vision development for Lviv.

Module 1 of the MPA Program focused on the theory and methodology of public administration and public policy. MPA students had classes with such legendary figures as Vira Nanivska, founder of the International Center for Policy Studies and former President of the National Academy of Public Administration; Oleh Rybachuk, a political and social activist, former Secretary of State and Chief of Staff to Ukrainian President; Anatoliy Chemerys, former Director of the Lviv Branch of the National Academy of Public Administration.


MPA students also attended the first session of the E-Governance Forum in Lviv where they listened to the speeches by Lviv City Mayor Andriy Sadovyy, Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko, Deputy Minister of Defense Yuriy Husyev, and Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Vladyslava Rutytska.

Following the E-Governance Forum, public managers attended a lecture by Danylo Bilak, UCU Senator and former Chief of Staff to Minister of Justice, who shared his experience of public administration as well as his own vision for the current situation in Ukraine from a legal viewpoint.


MPA students spent the rest of the day working in teams and generating ideas for the strategic development of Lviv region. The last day of the module began with a frank conversation with Oleh Syniutka, Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration, who the participants presented their projects of regional development strategy to.


Oleksandr Filts, M.D., Professor, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, shared his thoughts on management and governance from the standpoint of psychology and philosophy. The module culminated in an informal conversation with Yuriy Husyev, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, who told about the activities of the Ministry’s Project Management Office.


Therefore, Module 1 of the MPA Program gave MPA students a solid foundation for developing visions, honing their values, gaining the knowledge and skills essential to modern managers. Congrats to the participants on the start of the Program and best wishes for their studies!

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