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Why Does Odessa Region Succeed? Module 2 of the UCU’s MPA Program Held  


Module 2 of the MPA Program was held in Odessa. Meetings with public managers who are bringing about reforms and implementing tangible changes in the region inspired MPA students to further work and implementation of change

Before the beginning of the module, MPA students visited the Akkerman Fortress and Shabo Wine Cultural Center. In Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi they also met with Mykhaylo Titarchuk, the newly appointed Head of the District State Administration (district government), and former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Ihor Shevchenko, a candidate for Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Town Mayor.

The module took place during October 15-17 and exposed the participants to new facets of public administration. The theoretical and methodological foundations were laid by Vira Nanivska, founder of the International Center for Policy Studies and former President of the National Academy of Public Administration.

The first day of the module also featured a class with Stanislav Drogaev, co-founder and project coordinator of Vilna Osvita NGO. His focus was on the implementation of global and local social projects, in particular on innovative approaches to education reform. This topic was further explored by Oleksandr Dobroyer, Director of the European Institute of Social Communications.

The next day MPA students attended the solemn opening of the Center for Administrative Services by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili.

На урочистому відкритті Центру адміністративних послуг за участі Президента України

At the solemn opening of the Center for Administrative Services with Ukrainian President

Later that day, they had a meeting with Yulia Marushevska, Deputy Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration at that time, currently – Head of the Odessa Customs Service (since October 19). Yulia told about internal reforms implemented in the state management system at regional level. Levan Duchidze, an expert on reforms, and Maria Haidar, Deputy Governor, highlighted the importance of the Odessa Package of Reforms serving as the regional development strategy.


The last day of the module began with a morning coffee meeting with Oleksandr Borovyk followed by a deep insight into economic theory based on case studies from Mykhaylo Salnykov, Professor of Business at KSE.

 "Одеський пакет реформ: ідеї, дії, результати" на обговоренні з Юлією Марушевською, заступником голови Одеської облдержадміністрації та Леваном Душідзе, експертом з питань реформ.

“Odessa Package of Reforms: Ideas, Actions, Results” – discussion with Deputy Governor Yulia Marushevska and Levan Duchidze, an expert on reforms


The final meeting within the module with Anton Turupalov, Head of the Ivanivka District State Administration, was full of zest and inspiration as his energy and effectiveness are unequivocally contagious.

Зустріч з Антоном Турупаловим

Meeting with Anton Turupalov

We wish MPA students quick implementation of all the knowledge they gained during this module. Looking forward to Module 3 due to take place in Kyiv in November!




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