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How to Achieve Tipping Point in Reform? Pavlo Sheremeta Gives Public Lecture at Harvard    


Pavlo Sheremeta, Director of the UCU’s School of Public Management, gave a public lecture at the Davis Center of Harvard University.  

On November 3, he delivered a lecture entitled “Reforms in Ukraine: How to Achieve a Tipping Point” for Harvard faculty, students, and guests.

Pavlo Sheremeta talked about how to reach a tipping point in implementing reforms. In his opinion, reforms in Ukraine have approached this tipping point several times – in 1991, 2004, and 2015. “Something is still missing though. What is dragging Ukraine down? – Poverty, corruption, and injustice. Who/ what is pulling it through? – Civic activists, reformist ministers, and literacy of the population,” said Ukraine’s former Minister of Economic Development.

Pavlo Sheremeta believes that for reforms in Ukraine to reach the tipping point, the Ukrainian government must aim for development, not ‘oppression’. “This requires a new mission for the state, a new government structure, and a shift from paper-based governance to e-governance. Then the new mission and the new structure should be filled with fresh blood – people equipped with the relevant vision, values, tools, and skills,” he stressed.

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