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Roll up Your Sleeves and Create Change Yourselves, – Module 4 of the MPA Program Held

Module 4 of the Master of Public Administration Program from the UCU’s School of Public Management was held in Lviv. It lasted during December 17-19 and helped the students prepare for the first stage of their work on their own managerial projects.

MPA students spent the first two days of the module with Terry Anderson, Professor at Troy University and world-class expert on good governance, who gave them a deep insight into public administration theory and methodology. What is good governance and what are its benefits for society? This part of the module was of the utmost importance as Terry Anderson was involved in developing the concept for the MPA Program of the UCU’s School of Public Management. “If we want to live in a safe and comfortable society, we must participate in changes! No one will do our work for us. We, citizens, are voices of change. So roll up your sleeves and create change yourselves,” summarized Prof. Terry Anderson.


Professor Terry Anderson from Troy University teaching in the UCU’s MPA Program   

The first day culminated with a discussion on effective public management in the context of Ukraine and Georgia with the representatives of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Teaching University (Tbilisi, Georgia).

The discussion moderated by Pavlo Sheremeta, Director of the UCU’s School of Public Management, was held as part of the International Conference “University Education for Social Renewal”. The list of speakers included Terry Anderson; Natalka Bordun, Director of the UCU’s Institute for Leadership and Management; Gvanca Abdaladze, Head of the Public Administration Program in Tbilisi (Georgia).   


Discussion within the framework of the International Conference “University Education for Social Renewal”


The evening of the second day was marked with a visit to the Beer Theater Pravda where its co-founder and author of the idea Yuri Zastavny revealed the secret behind the success of this project aimed at establishing a new beer brewing tradition in Ukraine.

The third day of the module began with a morning class from Yaroslav Hrytsak, a historian, Professor at UCU, Head of the Public Management Department, and a member of the Univska and Nestor Expert Groups charged with vision development for Lviv and Ukraine respectively. The discussion revolved around what awaits Ukraine in the future and what model of development best fits the current circumstances.


Yaroslav Hrytsak, Head of Department in the UCU’s MPA Program


MPA students heard a lot about the implementation of new city management practices from Andriy Moskalenko, the newly appointed 28-year-old Deputy Lviv City Mayor for Development. He emphasized that the success of this process, besides support for ideas and innovations, depends on effective communication with the public. In the end, Andriy Moskalenko invited MPA students to join in the implementation of regional development projects.    


Andriy Moskalenko, the newly appointed 28-year-old Deputy Lviv City Mayor for Development

“A successful city strategy must be developed and implemented jointly by the local inhabitants, authorities, and business. Only this synergy can create an atmosphere conducive to the implementation of high-quality projects,” that’s how Oleksandr Kobzarev summarized the idea behind the City Institute, a municipal institution charged with solving key development issues in Lviv.


Oleksandr Kobzarev, Director of the City Institute


On the last day of Module 4, Pavlo Sheremeta discussed the topic of strategic management with the participants as well as briefed them on further work on their own projects during the next month.  


Pavlo Sheremeta, Director of the UCU’s School of Public Management


See you next year!


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