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The First in Ukraine Forum of the Future in Mykolayiv on January, 24 Welcomes Over 700 Experts and Specialists From Different Cities of Ukraine and Leading Foreign Companies

‘Today, Mykolayiv took a risk. It is a risk to develop primarily at the expense of its own resources and efforts. The city realized there was no time to sit back and wait for the change to come, so it had become a forefront for reforms.’ – Pavlo Sheremeta said in his speech at the Forum of the Future in Mykolayiv.

The Forum of the Future of Mykolayiv City aimed at drafting a Development Strategy. It has become a large scale event with over 700 citizens and visitors.


The invited experts included:

  1. Mikheil Saakashvili – head of Odesa Oblast State Administration, President of Georgia (2004-2013);
    2. Hanna Hopko – people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 8th calling, head of Committee for International Affairs of the Supreme Council of Ukraine;
    3. Viktor Kryvenko – people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 8th calling, deputy head of the budget committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine;
    4. Viktoriya Pidhirna – member of the Kyiv Smart City expert council;
    5. Viktor Zotov and Urs Toman – founders of the school of Urban Studies CANactions;
    6. Bohdan Ahanin – expert in transportation;
    7. Oleksandr Solontay – expert of the Institute of Political Education.

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