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Welcome to Management Teams From the Leading Cities of Ukraine for the 6 Months Program of Management Development

The School of Public Management of UCU announces an open call for the innovative program of management development aimed to draft and implement strategic projects for the most progressive cities.

Management, the same as art of war, cannot be taught in a classroom. That is why the UCU School of Public Management relies on best world practices and starts a crucially new program for development of management teams of the cities of Ukraine based upon the practical strategic six months long projects for city development rather than on academic courses.

For instance, the Lviv City Council management team held a similar program in April – October 2015 where they opted to focus on (1) bringing into life a social card for ATO participants; (2) launching overnight bus routes; (3) formalizing the process for establishing public spaces; (4) launching elements of e-governance; (5) providing for security in the city through installing CCTV cameras and uniting them into one network;  (6) speeding up the ‘hot line’ response.


Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Strategy Project Management Financial Management   Operational  Management   Human Resources  Management   Communications
Search, cataloging and prioritizing ideas for strategic initiatives. Identifying sore points for consumers. Transforming strategic initiatives into projects, with the timelines and shared responsibility Calculation of revenues and costs of projects. Drafting the project budget. Identifying risks and risk prevention. Operationalisation of project results. Discussing challenges in leadership and project team management. Search for solutions. Developing a communication strategy for project results.


Monthly one and a half day modules will take place in every program participant city at a time to enhance friendly consulting and foster spread of innovative experience.

The project team shall consist of 6-8 city council senior managers headed by the city mayor. Team members are expected to allocate 2-3 full days a month for the management program when the module takes place and also 20% of their time during the rest of the month.



The program is held with support from  Adrian Slywotzky, one of the top world-class thinkers.

Program lecturers actually become consultants for management teams on specific aspects for strategic city development projects.

A management team from the city shall invest into the development program UAH 60 000 (UAH 10 000 for the module) + transportation expenses and catering. The deadline for applications is February, 1. We invite management teams from the most progressive cities of Ukraine for cooperation. If you wish to take part in the program, please, fill in the registration form

In case you have any questions or need any help, feel free to email or call us.

Anastasiya Yasyr, program coordinator



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