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Noncommercial projects – how to come to profitability. The 3rd module of Financial Management at Program of Management Development management for Lviv City Council (LCC) has come to the end. 

During the past two days participants were working on improving their financial skills and on forming financial plans for their projects. They were taught by Lyubomyr nrr5n6fpg9qTarnovskyy,
CFO of Ukrainian Catholic University and Mychailo Salo, professor of finance at Lviv Business School.

Next day Irina Kulinich, director of economic policy department of the LCC, described opportunities, which state financial support creates. Ms Kulnich worked with participants on ways how to receive such assistance from the state.

All projects aimed to increase standard of living in Lviv. Cultural policy, very relevant for the city, was discussed within the sqvzy8pk92kctrategy “Culture 2025” developed by participant of the program.

At the end of the module, participants of the Program had inspirational meeting with Dato ‘Nazir, Malaysian advisor with substantial managerial experience. He shared his point of view on the reasons of national success of Malaysia through the development of local areas.

Hard work has already been done: сounting income and expenses, preparing budgets and fundraising plans! Whether participat will amend their projects or not we will know during the next module, which will be devoted to risk management.

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