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No time to rest – we are changing the country! ProZorro strategic session at the School of Public Management

ProZorro strategic session was held on 2-4 May at the School of Public Management (SPM) with a support of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund. The session was led by Pavlo Sheremeta, Founder director of the SPM, and Oleksandr Starobudtsev, Director of the department of the public procurement regulation at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and was focused on four key values: Transparency, Team-work, Effectiveness and Responsibility. School had honor to invite: Yaroslav Hrytsak, Yuriy Zastavnyy, Taras Kytsmey, Ihur Lylo, Iryna Ozymok, Sofiya Opatska, Bohdan Prah, Andriy Sadovyy, Oleksandr Filts, and Yulian Chaplinskyy.

During the first day, 27 participants took part in an inspirational trip around Lviv, open to the world. To better understand this slogan they came to Lviv’s roofs in search for a space for discussion on the first value – Transparency.

“The true value is to be open to the world and to the people. This philosophy allows to convert the case into the breakthrough” said Andriy Sadovyy, Lviv’s Mayor.


Yulian Chaplinskyy, the main architect of Lviv, presents Transparency on the example of the UCU campus, where the strategic session was taking place.

Professor Oleksandr Filts, head of Psychology department of the Lviv University, made a reflection with the ProZorro team. Discussing vales during the strategic session we could observe them in the real life. Openness to innovation, readiness to the breakthrough – are when after typical working hours, during the Easter, City Mayor, city architect, city doctor – and each of them wants to do it for the state’s further development.13177858_1147707161926424_1537085838172996234_n


Pavlo Sheremeta bridge the gap between openness and team-work with analysis of Fellini’s movie. This was an intro into the practical task to train innovative and team-building behaviour. INSO-Lviv orchestra and a real chance for each participant to become a conductor at Lviv Philarmonic. In such metaphorical way participants were upgrading their team-building skills.

At the end of the first day the group met Yurko Zastavnyy, co-founder of the “Pravda” Beer Theatre, who share his experience in team work.


The second day started with physical and philosophical exercises. After that the team was prepared to effective work. They passed the customer way, analysed the hot spots, and discussed possible solutions how to mitigate them.

F13116531_1146974591999681_7664392665367492555_ourther on the team met Taras Kutsmey, director of the SoftServe, who share his patriotic, but realistic understanding that: “Precondition of success – development. We are ready to invest in it, and as I understand, you too”.

Sofia Opatska, dean of the LvBS, bridged the discussion on effectiveness and responsibility presenting programs led by the School. She ensured us that it is possible to combine innovations with tradition.

The second day ended up with brainstorming on local and global services.13133099_1147627631934377_6919649775179733543_n


The last, third, working day we started with elaboration of strategic ideas of national and global values propositions and together with Pavlo Sheremeta we have selected priorities for the next year.

“Make Ukraine yourself” stressed Yarslav Hrytsak referring to responsibility. “Our biggest enemies are despair and populism. All the rest you can easily overcome” he said.

Iryna Ozymok from the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), which supported the strategic session, discussed with participants possible further cooperation.

At the end, we met with Bohdan Prah, who has inspired us with words “your actions will be followed by next generations”.YqmQtRh0zo8


These were three unforgettable days of the strategic session organised by the School of Public Management. The ProZorro team found out three points, it: identified innovations , fixed gaps, recognised hot spots.

“Keep calm and do ProZorro!”


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