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Demobilized ATO veterans to study at School of Management UCU supported by scholarship program MPA Honor Scholarship – Jaroslawa Johnson

Ukrainian Catholic University launches a scholarship program for ATO veterans wishing to study public administration at Master’s level. The course offered within the School of Management is designed in a practical way in cooperation with authorities and business actors so that students are learning based on practical cases.

Kyiv, May 10, 2016. School of Management UCU launches the scholarship program MPA Honor Scholarship. The program is designed for demobilized ATO veterans who wish to take up the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program.It is to be integrated into the actual scholarship program launched in 2015. The project is organized by the UCU and the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF).

“We believe that investment accessibility of education may best prepare our veterans who would like to contribute to development of the Ukrainian state,” said Jaroslawa Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer at WNISEF at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

“Brothers-in-arms often get frustrated as they see no actual changes. They were able to restrain the enemy on the front but cannot do anything here. Over nine months of my studies I saw that constant changes are taking place in the country and I realized in what way I and everyone else can join them. Who has got the actual power and will to implement the changes – there is a platform for them in the management school so that they can get the necessary knowledge, skills and contacts,” noted Taras Kovalyk, former soldier of Aidar battalion and trainer at “Pobratymy” project who has been student of the MPA course for one year.

“We need a much bigger amount of civil servants and state leaders who have European vision, values and are in possession of modern managerial instruments and skills,” confirmed Pavlo Sheremeta, director of the School of Public Management UCU.

“The scholarship will cover up to 100 percent of education costs including accommodation, meals and logistics. Scholarship amount will be defined after selection and interview stage,” noted Andriy Sorokhan, program coordinator at WNISEF.

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