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9th module in Kyiv: society-state-business synergy in action

At the crossroads of spheres and sectors passed the next study session of Master in Public Administration. Why like this? Because the true “miracle” is based on the synthesis. From progressive HR-systems to strategies of American football, from project management to situational games, from morning case studies to evening strategic sessions. On May 12-14 Kyiv hosted MPA students.

13166023_1152534488110358_3458142480178427983_nUkrainian business lacks efficiency, while the state lacks effectiveness. Both lack sustainability.” – the first key thesis of Anna Vlasova, founder of the School of HRM and an advisor to the Presidential Administration, with who participants discussed human resources management.

How do you imagine economic miracle? The miracle is a heavy every-day work. Miracles can be done. They do not happen.” – the second thesis, which motivated us to think about taking responsibility for actions. In the evening participants MPA visited Pavlo Sheremeta’s lecture on “Principles of Economics” in FedorivHUB. Mr Sheremeta devoted his presentation to liberal thinking and bridged it with the next day’s discussion dedicated to liberal values, such as freedom of decision making, independence from the state, and personal responsibility for the process.

Multidimensional conflicts, which arise within certain groups should be solved through community involvement. The community has to explain and show, what is their understanding of “good”, and how to reach consensus.” – MPA students were looking for methods of solving of multidimensional conflicts with the concept of “participatory management”. The case was presented by Mykhailo Vynnytskyy, an expert in sales management and entrepreneurship.

f5e2f41ba449c42af7cee8fb4b70b83ab4749062In business the exchange rate – is like a centimetre in building construction. If every morning an architect wakes up and sees that number of centimetres in one metre have changed, he will get crazy” – said Andriy Lohvin, the founder of modnaKasta company. Mr Lovhin shared his views on business, politics and the state and interrelations, which occur between them. The meeting finished with a number of unanswered questions – for example, whether a businessman can find his place in a public sphere, if not – who should be there?

Evening unformal  session we had with Iryna Herashchenko, deputy speaker of Verkhovna Rada. “Being confident in your own strengths, you can pass confidence in tomorrow to millions” said Ms Herashchenko.

Just 8 hours later we started a morning coffee discussion with Mr Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, Head of the Board of Raiffeisen Bank Aval. “Effective management means that manager has skills not only to reach an agreement, but also to solve problems. This forces us to think” – stated a bit provocatively Mr Lavrenchuk.

13226791_1361484740534571_2016201733938304952_nPolitics is neither chess, not poker – it is probably most like (American) football. Because a lot of players, a lot of specialisation, a lot of hitting, a lot of attrition. But then every once in a while you’ll see an opening (…) you’ll see a hole and then there’s open field.” – Barack Obama. Vitaliy Varbanets, as an experience player, explained Obama’s words with American football game strategies.

At the end – the key aspects of project management, instruments and mechanisms. During the last day MPA students focused on their projects with Serhiy Gvozdov, an expert in operational management and innovative projects management. “Your individual strategy is the main project. If you have the idea, your project makes sense, you can gather both financial and human resources

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