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How to use SCRUM in public project management? 4th module of National Executive Education program

13255920_1157249014305572_2134583237223126538_nOn May 21-22 in Vinnitsa took place the 4th module of National Executive Education program. “Operational management” and SCRUM methodology was presented by Sergiy Potapov, IT manager and a public servant.

How to build a team ready to quick changes and rapid respond to new challenges? Management teams were looking for an answer, however have not agreed on a single definition. SCRUM allows flexible approach and basic knowledge of this methodology can be useful to adapt it into each project. Sergiy Potapov recommended nontrivial approach: “Give people hard tasks, help them, discuss what have to be done properly, but not ideally. Better approach is good fast, than close to the ideal, but long”.13239114_1157339840963156_6872143094527669073_n

Truly important was the charity action “Light the city with blue” organised in the afternoon. We are grateful to the Vinnitsa team for an opportunity to join this event supporting children and their parents.

This intense and full of emotions day we finished watching one of the best in Europe light and music show at “Roshen” fountains.

How to manage seasonality in project implementation told us Valentyna Zasadko, an analyst of the School of Public Management, who stressed that bad weather does not exist nor in business neither in the nature. “If the project manager says that there is no season for our business, it means that he is a poor manager”.13239156_1157249024305571_4111025129183979608_n

Weather to minimise a hierarchy in the project team and what will be the results of such step we discussed with Tetiana Nikiforova, founder of the Centre for Personnel Development “Helios”. Ms Nikiforova also shared her views on leadership and internal communication.

How to turn risks into new opportunities? Teams are working already four months on implementation of their own projects on cities’ strategic development, so they face new challenges every day. This last session finished the module devoted to the operational management.

The past module will remind us about Vinnytsians’ hospitality and Kyivans’ sharp minds. We also brought a special souvenir for the SPM – a picture of an outstanding artist obtained during the charity action. The world is changing, and this is good. However, values of good, beauty, and responsibility should remain unchanged.


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