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An effective team is crucial for a successful project. SCRUM on the 4-th module of the Executive Educational Program for Lviv City Council.

 On May 27-28 in Lviv took place the 4th module of Executive Education program for the Lviv City Council. “Operational management” and SCRUM methodology was presented by Sergiy Potapov, IT manager and a public servant.2
“When looking for the best solution for your project, don’t lock your mind into the cage of assumptions and prejudice. Anything is possible, and what didn’t work for someone else might work very well for you. Start with what makes the most sense, see how it goes, inspect and adapt, and have fun!”
“To be stronger, we need to be united. And the ability to effectively manage a team and co-exist in it are the key components of success.” This is how ProZorro works, and this is how the participants of our programs intend to work. And Sergiy Potapov is ready to continue supporting them in their efforts.
Henceforward, teamwork covers detecting and managing risks.
They might depend not only on the difficulty of the project, but on the seasonality and cycle of the interested parties. Valentyna Zasadko, an analyst of the UCU School of Management along with the teams, built matrices of their project risks and revealed the secrets of managing and minimizing project fails.

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