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The Importance of Effective People Management to the Success of HR Strategy. 5th module of National Executive Education program

On June 18-19 in Chernivtsy took place the 5th module of National Executive Education program. “People management” and HR-strategy was presented by Andrew Rozhdestvensky Managing Partner at AR Consulting Company, business consultant, psychologist and teacher.

Besides the lecture, during the module  the participants received practical group work assignments: one team had to train their recruiters, other team was to prepare two job applicants, an honest one, and one providing unreliable information. After the interview the competing teams’ members scrutinized the non-verbal component of the interaction with the interviewee, and were supposed to determine which of the job applicants was dishonest during the interview.

«What was particularly valuable about this event is the fact that we spent half the time studying theory, while the other half was dedicated to practice. The people were able to see what lie detection looks like in practice; they were also able to watch themselves on tape, understand their own emotion and mimics,» the speaker explains.


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