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“Public administration in the style of jazz ” – 10th module of the MPA program

23-25th of June- a perfect time for a training module in Lviv, as these are the days of the Alfa Jazz Fest. Thus, it is safe to say that the 10th module of the Master’s program in public administration was enriched with rhythm, held under the slogan “Public administration in the style of jazz”. With speakers such as Joao Perre Viana, Orest Zub, Jaanika Merilo, Max Nefyodov, Dan Pasko,Yaroslav Prytula, Oleksiy Poroshenko, Andrew Rozhdestvensky, Mikhail Titarchuk, Volodymyr Turchynovskyy, Pavlo Sheremeta, Natalie Jaresko and others.


On the first day, the participants of the MPA program worked on “People management strategies” and adapted the basis of their knowledge to work in the public sector. “The values ​​underlying the company define its profits in the long run. Values ​​shape our long-term relationship with the market and employees. Money is made because of these values”,-  Andrew Rozhdestvensky, professor of HR strategy, leadership and management of change.

The following day, Volodymyr Turchynovskyy, a professor in UCU, director of IIECI in explained how morals are combined with governance in the modern world, emphasising the ethical and social challenges.

The second part of the day, the participants of the MPA program worked on the organizational behavior with Pavlo Sheremeta . Comparing countries and cultures, looking from the views of countries such as Switzerland, the US , China and Ukraine. After analysing the similarities and differences, it became clear that not all mechanisms in different countries work the same way.

Marco Temnytskyy (Syracuse, NY USA), who finished a similar program of public administration in the United States also joined the discussion.


During the break, the participants of the program talked about the reforms and politics with a member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Oleksiy Poroshenko. Oleksiy participated in the seminar LvBS, which was held closely, on the same floor.

”Do not stop. When it seems that all the doors are closed, continue to seek allies where in the least obvious places” – Daniel Pasko, a member of the reform sector of the National Council, and the founder of the project Easy Business, shared his experience in the public service.

Blogger and traveler Orest Zub, shared his life-style business and gave some tips on how to pick something to do that your soul calls towards. “You do not always need to invent something radically new, just find someone successful who is already engaged in what you want to do and do the same.”

On the last day of the module, the participants sat through a course of “Macroeconomics” which was taught by Jaroslav Prytula, professor of quantitative methods for decision making, program manager for CS@UCU.


“Follow your calling and do what you love. Never doubt the importance of your individual contribution to the world. Be hardworking. Value your traditions and family draw strength and confidence from our history and use it to overcome challenges!”. Participants of the MPA program had the opportunity to hear words of guidance from Natalie Jaresko, social activist and former Minister of Finance of Ukraine.

“Managers should always have a backup – in case the rules of the game change. This should not be a challenge, but instead the process of work”- Joao Perre Viana, founder of an investment fund «LeonardShop », a consultant on strategic forecasting and business management in nine countries in Europe and Asia. During this session, the participants discussed the issue of  working under uncertainty and how to remain sustainable and effective at the same time, and be able to generate powerful innovative solutions.

The last part of the module – discussion on creating a climate for entrepreneurship. Among the speakers were ; Jaanika Merilo- director of innovations in Lviv, adviser to the Minister of Infrastructure, Max Nefyodov,- deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Mikhail Titarchuk, Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers , Pavlo Sheremeta , Director of the School of Management.

” If we want a successful future of our country, we must behave as if we already live in a free, democratic environment ” – with these words we complete the 10th module in the Master’s Program of Public Administration, with the determination for change from within, and change from the outside.


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