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Gdansk, Sopot, Warsaw and Krakow: School of Public Management travelled to Poland with a working visi

On July 4-8 Mateusz Bialas, an analyst of the School of Public Management travelled to Poland with a working visit. The purpose was to examine Polish experience in selected areas and to establish contacts with partnership organisations.

During his stay in Poland Mr Bialas visited four cities: Gdansk, Sopot, Warsaw and Krakow. In two cities of northern Poland – Gdansk and Sopot – Mateusz held meetings with representatives of the local administration, Special Economic Zone “Pomerania”, Association of Local Municipalities, and with the Pomerania Development Agency. Aims of these meetings were to discuss the experience of coastal regions and port cities in restructuring and attracting foreign and domestic investors, as well as discussion on preparation of recommendations for Ukrainian partners.

Then Mr Bialas visited Warsaw, where he had meetings in governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations. He was hosted in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, in the State Legislative Office, in the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, and others. Among discussed topics were common projects in such spheres as public management, development of public administration, strengthening the investment climate, organisation of conferences and seminars.

In Krakow, Mr Bialas visited local Special Economic Zone-Krakow Technology Park, Agency for City Development, and finally in City Council and where he discussed new promotion strategy of the city and how local experience could be shared with Ukrainian counterparts.

During his stay in Poland Mateusz established contacts with a number of state and non-governmental institutions interested in future cooperation with the UCU School of Public Management.

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