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Final remarks by Francis Fukuyama after one week in Ukraine

During the week of 21-26 August Francis Fukuyama and Kent Weaver led a training within the Leadership Academy for Development. Thanks to the support of CIPE Ukraine two experts worked with lecturers and experts in public administration developing their teaching skills.

The final remarks of Francis Fukuyama:

  1. Political will is a wrong analogy to individual will
  2. Political will is a coalition sufficient to bring about change
  3. Change can occur under three conditions:
    1. Broad grassroots support;
    2. A clear idea of a goal;
  4. Reform requires coalitions, not just champions
  5. Civil society is critical. On the other hand, countries must make the transition from civil society to governance
  6. Information and transparency are starting points
  7. All change threatens vested interests.

Building coalition for change requires understanding what groups are potential supporters and how well they are organised.

Strategies for coalition-building include managing perceptions, managing payoffs and penalties, managing participants, and managing procedures and power.

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