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Regulatory Policy Hub Opens in Lviv: Master Students of the School of Public Management Join In

Yesterday, on December, 15, the first in Ukraine Hub in regulatory Policy was launched in Lviv. The Foundation Memorandum was signed by the President of the East Europe Foundation within the USAID ‘Leadership in Economic Governance’ Program Victor Liakh and rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University Fr. Bohdan Prach, as supported by Lviv Regional State Administration, and the Committee of Entrepreneurs of Lviv Region.


The Regulatory Policy Hub will be implemented on the basis of the School of Public Management of the UCU engaging the participants of the Master’s program in Public Administration Taras Khavunka, Vira Nedzvedska, and Roman Lozynskyi.

Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University Fr. Bohdan Prach said: To serve to others, to change the society, and to work for the benefit of Ukraine – this is something that everyone who comes to power shall realize. The initiative to establish the Regulatory Policy Hub is an important step in serving the community.”


“Ukraine is changing at a fast pace and we have to clearly realize that change should be structured in nature. Establishment of the first in Ukraine Regulatory Policy Hub is the road to fundamental change that would work for the future. The participants of the Hub tackle major comprehensive problems relevant for local communities and the business. This is what is important. It is not an imitation but solution to actual problems,” states Kseniya Liapina, head of State Regulatory Service of Ukraine.


According to her, the main objective of the Regulatory Hub is to change the way of decision making both on the central level and on the level of self-governance. It is a model that could be multiplied all over Ukraine. The cooperation with the Ukrainian Catholic University is very symbolic since in addition to ratio it brings into decision-making certain ethical principles.

Main objective of the Hub – analysis of projects and the available local regulatory acts, including the M-test calculations; developing regulations on highest priority and most burning issues based on best practices, in order to disseminate the results to other regions of the country. In addition, the Hub will tackle monitoring of regulatory environment and trace effectiveness of acting local solutions. Therefore, the pilot initiative has to highlight the importance of due development of regulatory  environment, its impact on the improvement of business climate, and obtaining  positive results for  local communities.

The initiative also has to enhance the administrative capacity of the region and engage new experts (students and graduates of the School of Public Management of the Ukrainian Catholic University and other higher schools of Lviv region) to work within the Hub.

“The idea of the initiative started from the need to build a new generation of managers for public administration and build new capacity. Ukrainian Catholic University is an advanced institution offering both highly professional schooling and instilling ethical principles. It is important to empower people with degrees in public administration to start working on the practices” – Andriy Palianytsia, advisor of the World Bank for governments and international organizations on regulatory policy, public administration and anticorruption efforts.


We lack the concept of trust. Ukrainian Catholic University builds the environment of trust between different parts of Ukrainian society, while the establishment of the Hub is a manifestation of trust” – Yaroslav Rushchyshyn, head of Committee of Entrepreneurs of Lviv Region.


Master students of the School of Public Management of the UCU Taras Khavunka, Vira Nedzvedska, and Roman Lozynskyi, together with the volunteers Oleksandra Cholovska and Kateryna Shuvarska, presented their first results in such subjects as regulation of placing outdoor areas, allocation of the development budget funds between villages within an amalgamated communities; taking inventory stock of the property of amalgamated local communities; and parking regulations.


It is expected that main outcomes of the Lviv Regulatory Hub would be analytic conclusions on local draft acts, recommendations on amendments into legislation, analyses of regulatory effects, including calculations in M-test, on draft acts; repeated overviews of regulatory environment of the region.  Within the initiative, it is also planned to offer trainings for public officials and business associations to raise their awareness in the field of regulatory policy, as well as to organize public hearings.

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