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The School of Public Management of UCU Starts The Leadership Academy for Development with Prof. Francis Fukuyama and Prof. Stephen D. Krasner

The School of Public Management of UCU started the Leadership Academy  for Development 2017 with Dr. Francis Fukuyama and prof. Stephen D. Krasner. During the five days 35 participants representing private and public sector are going to learn build a dialogue between the private sector and the state for efficient reforms and improvement of business climate in Ukraine.

‘To openly and actively build democracy and fight corruption in the first place. Young Ukrainians should not fear going into politics and take on responsibility; they should be hard on public authorities and demand better performance from them.’ – goes the main message of Dr. Fukuyama to the participants of the study program.


The Leadership Academy for Development is a study program for representatives of executive power. Its goal is to train public officials and business sector leaders from developing countries to be able to assist private sector to act as a driver for economic growth and development. The program is jointly organized by the Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law at Stanford University, the Center for International Private Entrepreneurship (CIPE) and the School of Public Management of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

The participants of the Leadership Academy for Development will enjoy the lectures by the  director of the Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law of Stanford University Dr. Francis Fukuyamaprofessor of Stanford University Stephen Krasner, and a member of international expert group for NATO policy development Marcin Zaborowski. 

During the studies, the participants will also be working on practical cases developed by Ukrainian lecturers last August , on the first stage of the Leadership Academy for Development ‘Development of Study Cases for Public Policy: Training of Trainers’. The consolidated teams of instructors  including  Sofia Opatska, Andriy Rozhdestvenskyi, Yaryna Kluchkovska, Ihor Rozkladay, Serhiy Potapov, Yuriy Buhay, Oleksandr Starodubtsev, Pavlo Sheremeta, and Terry Anderson designed practical cases based on Ukrainian reality that represent best practices and positive experience of reforms in Ukraine. The topics of cases include: ‘ProZorro: From a Volunteer Based Initiative to the Public Reform’; ‘Attempts to Develop the Strategy for Economic Development of Lviv’; ‘Creation of Independent Public Broadcast.’

 ‘In the Leadership Academy for Development, participants are considering both global cases and Ukrainian cases designed by Ukrainian instructors. It is the   E-System of Public Procurements ProZorroPublic Broadcasting, and the Strategy for the Lviv city. It is not about the triumphant success but about significant advance. Working on the cases participants have to focus on finding secrets of success that could be important for others. Success can be reached through building effective coalitions between the state and the private sector. The bigger the success, the larger coalition is needed. And there is no need to wait for any political will,’ – Pavlo Sheremeta, founder of the School of Public Management of UCU.



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