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Leading Stanford Scholars Hold an Open Discussion in Kharkiv

On January, 16, in Kharkiv, there took place a public discussion within the program “Leadership Academy for Development”. It involved leading scholars from Stanford, such as prof. R. Leeds, and prof. S. Krasner who shared their experience, ideas, and views on “Direct Investment into Developing Markets: Creating Conditions for Growth.”

Prof. R. Leeds stated that in the developing countries the government supports private sector and adopts important and needed reforms. In Ukraine, unfortunately, there are many regulatory processes on the part of the state that do not allow to fully develop financial sector of the country. Foreign investors are not always willing to invest their funds into the country where risks increase due to political processes. However, we must also keep in mind that in many countries domestic investments make up a significant share of total investment.

Interaction between public and private sectors, development of national policy, and changes taking place in other countries offer opportunities to determine the right vector, to find contact points for successful cooperation, and further for the development of the country. “We have quite an intense study schedule on the program “Leadership Academy for Development.” We have here over 30 participants from Ukraine who represent government, business, and civil society. We use the method of case studies. We study economic situations in different countries in the world and analyze real-life examples to determine the most effective approaches, to identify common features, and to find the solution. Even though situations are very different in every country, they still share many things,” prof. S. Krasner stated.

The event was organized by the Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law of Stanford University, Center for International Private Entrepreneurship (CIPE), and the School of Public Management of Ukrainian Catholic University.

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