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Stanford Professors Teach at Leadership Academy for Development

The Leadership Academy for Development 2018 came to its end. The second year of the program implementation took place in Kharkiv and in Kyiv. The intense week of interactive studies from professors of Stanford University brought together top managers from public and private sectors, and NGO representatives from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Jordan.

The Leadership Academy for Development brought together future reformers ready to implement new reforms in public and private sectors. These are leaders with the reformist thinking so much needed in the government. The Leadership Academy for Development focuses on bringing together and teaching such target audiences. “We know there are many people in Ukraine who wish to see their country prosper, with the flourishing economy, a leader among other countries in Europe. We are trying to help them find each other and launch this process,” – Eric Hontz, head of CIPE programs in Eurasia.

The peculiarity of studying at the program is the innovative case-studies method in combination with key lectures practiced by prof. S. Krasner and prof. R. Leeds. The program participants had an opportunity to use real cases of successful change in other countries to discuss and find their own solutions and insights in the closest aspects. “I like it when we analyze real-life cases you can use to deduce certain conclusions, to draw parallels, and to gain the experience needed to resolve current cases. It is a lively discussion, exchange of ideas and experience,” Olena Kutsay shared her impressions of the program participation.

The participants were studying economic situations in different countries of the world and used real cases to find most effective solutions. “In the LAD course “Role of Public Policy in Developing Private Sector” we teach jointly with Stephen Krasner this week, we analyzed specific cases of reforms in Sri-Lanka, China, Indonesia, Peru, a.o. It is only when you get to understand how improvements are possible in other countries, that you can develop an optimal model,” says R.Leeds.

The study program also included open discussions in Kharkiv and Kyiv “Direct Investment into Developing Markets: Creating Conditions for Growth.” Stanford professors shared their opinions on how to attract direct investment into Ukraine and why foreign investors have not been “actively” coming to Ukraine so far. According to experts, the problem is about uncertainty, inefficiency, and immaturity of financial market. Therefore, we must not ask what the government could do but what each of us can do individually.

Co-organizers of the Leadership Academy for Development is the Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law of Stanford University, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), and the School of Public Management of Ukrainian Catholic University.

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