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Executive Education

 6-month practical training course – Executive Education program from the UCU’s School of Public Management. 

During six months, participants are elaborating and implementing innovative high-quality, low-cost projects aimed at the city’s strategic development. The program embraces the following courses: Management and Strategy, Project Management, Understanding your Client/ User, People Management, Finance, and Communication.

Management, similar as the art of war, cannot be thought in a classroom. Following the best world practices, the School of Public Management has developed new and innovative executive programme for public officials, who work at the local and regional levels in different cities of Ukraine. The course is scheduled for 6 strategic modules, and each module will be focused on practical development of city strategy, instead of typical academic lectures.

Each month, one-day-long module will be organised in a different city to better grasp local characteristics, promote innovative experience and consult regional authorities.



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“Changes must begin with full attention to and respect for citizens and with high-quality services provided to them by local governments, which is impossible unless there is self-respect and mutual respect among officials themselves as well as between public servants and citizens.”

          Andriy Sadovyy, Lviv City Mayor


The City Mayor, who had worked with the participants within the first module, added that all the projects developed and implemented by them at the School of Public Management should be also implemented in the city during the next six months.



“You can’t learn management in a classroom. We all learn management where we manage. The program will place emphasis on the managerial experience of each participant and on finding opportunities how to apply this experience and new knowledge to implement innovative high-value, low-cost projects aimed at the city’s strategic development.”

             Pavlo Sheremeta, Founder of the UCU’s School of Public Management



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